Discover How Auto Mechanic and Shop Software Can Help Your Business

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Software Company

Industry-specific auto software can be implemented to enhance any car wash, lube joint, or auto shop. You can set up a kiosk with this software that lets your customers sign in when they come to your shop, or you can put the software on your computers and tablets to offer the best customer service. Here’s what you need to know about this type of software.

What Does the Software Do?

Auto software can be used to help offer services to customers, show them all your prices, and, most importantly, it will also help you take payments. The software can preload all the information that you need for your company, and you can share this information with customers on your screen. You can create subtotals for each job, or you could produce an estimate that the customer will get in their email.


The software allows you to take payments and link those payments to your accounting software. Plus, you will save all your customer information in the system so that you can look it up when customers return. As you create relationships with customers, you can check the things that you did the last time the customer was in. As you collect information about each individual vehicle, you can give your customers better advice going forward.

If you run an automotive-relate business, auto software can help you run your shop, give your customers several service options, and take payments. Plus, the software will connect with your accounting software so that you can run an efficient and profitable business. Using this software ensures that you can keep track of all your customers, track your sales for the day, and collect information about each car. You can even put this software on tablets or mobile phones so that you can instantly show your customers what their prices and options will be.

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