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3 Good Reasons to Update Your Company’s Cyber Security in Chicago, IL

Protecting proprietary data has always been important, but it’s an even more crucial job today. That’s why you want to make sure you have the best resources for cyber security in Chicago, IL in place. If you need some incentive, consider these benefits of regular updates and how they

Successfully Managing the Admission Process in an Addiction Facility

Addiction treatment admissions software can streamline the admission process in a facility. The purpose of its project management functionalities is to ensure that all of the resources, deadlines and tasks are coordinated so that you can provide the highest quality care to patients quickly, accurately, and within budget. It

Reasons Why Outcome Measure in Healthcare is Essential for Safety of Care

The measurement results are used to make decisions and give feedback about a patient’s health status and treatment. To communicate these outcomes to patients, clinicians need words describing the clinical condition they suffer from. These words form the outcome measures in healthcare. Since an illness may have different manifestations

Nationwide Treatment Centers Harness the Power of EHR Platforms

Top-tier behavioral health EHR and CRM give physicians and clinicians the software and computational utility needed to manage patient care on a holistic level. The feature-rich platform takes care of patient intake, contains customizable medical forms for data input, billing, clinical charting, as well as eligibility checking. Best of

Medical Software With Telehealth and Other Helpful Features of FL

Utilizing Telehealth and Technical Medical Services Telehealth services have been growing in popularity over time. This is because of their ability to bring convenience and connections to patients and practitioners. Each Telehealth meeting gives both parties the power to exhort the importance of self-care while remaining secure. This is

The EMR And EHR Software And What Makes Each Application Unique

EMR and EHR software are used interchangeably. Considering their attributes and contributions to the medical professional, it is important providers know the difference. Continue reading to learn more about EMR and EHR software and what makes them unique. EMR An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is clinician paperwork in digitized

Top 3 Reasons Office 365 Can Help Improve Your Small Business

Finding ways to improve your daily business operations is always a top concern in today’s competitive work environment. Understanding how to take advantage of the latest technology can play a vital role in the success of your company. Choosing to invest in Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent way

Is Healthcare Revenue Management Still Relevant in Orlando, FL?

Healthcare facilities are great at saving lives and improving the health of the community. Yet, sometimes the focus on providing exceptional care affects an organization’s ability to run a business. When a revenue cycle is not catered for correctly, it can dent the organization’s bottom line. See why revenue

3 Benefits of Behavioral Health EMR at Your Mental Health Practice

An EMR is a way to keep records at your behavioral health practice without having to complete them manually and by hand. It includes patient information, treatment plants, records, and much more. There are many benefits to using a behavioral health EMR at your practice, including those that are

Here Is a Better Solution for Your EMR and EHR Needs in Orlando, FL

If you are struggling with your understanding of EMR and EHR solutions and how they apply to your behavioral health center, it is time that you put technology to better use. No longer do you need to rely on patient charts kept on paper. These were not very flexible,