Reasons Why Outcome Measure in Healthcare is Essential for Safety of Care

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Information Technology and Services

The measurement results are used to make decisions and give feedback about a patient’s health status and treatment. To communicate these outcomes to patients, clinicians need words describing the clinical condition they suffer from. These words form the outcome measures in healthcare. Since an illness may have different manifestations in different people, measuring its extent using standardized language and plain English description becomes essential. This allows doctors and other care providers together with patients to communicate effectively about ways to treat and manage the illness and monitor a patient’s progress.

There is an increasing requirement for doctors to discuss the type or severity of illness and its prevention and treatment. During doctor and patient communication, the discussion must be built around what matters most to patients; how would they like their condition managed? The outcome measure provides doctors with this information to better understand what is important to patients. This makes it possible for them to prepare better-informed conversation pieces on disease management strategies for all involved parties (doctors, pharmacists, and nurses) to function seamlessly towards achieving a common goal – restoring a situation where the patient can experience a better quality of life.

Measurement is an essential part of any healthcare or medical practice, but it has been slowly implemented in these areas until recently. The main concern has always been that measurement leads to reductionism and depersonalization, which may have caused harm to patients by ignoring their subjective experiences. However, this perception has now changed because many organizations can see the worth of continuous outcomes measurement to improve care and develop new services for patients.

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