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Everlogic Has the Best Dealership Software in the Retail Industry

Everlogic is one of the best dealership inventory software packages on the market. Whether you are selling automobiles, recreational vehicles, or trailers, Everlogic has you covered. This software is sponsored by one of the industry leaders in accounting and management software, which is Intuit Quickbooks. Everlogic is a cloud-based

Why Auto Dealers in the US and Canada Should Use Dealer Management Software

If you own an auto dealership, you already know how stressful it can be to juggle multiple responsibilities. You must make sure the inventory, work orders, purchases and customer records are always taken care of and up to date. The good news is that dealer management software can make

Find Simple Software in Florida to Keep Your Dealership Organized

Car dealerships need to be organized when it comes to receiving car-loan money and paying employees. Though this process can take hours if not days to accomplish by hand, modern software has made it possible for this type of paperwork to be accomplished in a matter of minutes. When