2 Undervalued SD WAN Benefits For Business

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Networking Services

Today, with an increasing interest in SD WAN technology and products, companies of all sizes with multiple locations or with high usage requirements. The SD WAN benefits of utilizing multiple types of bandwidth to decrease the cost of operating a WAN. With top service providers, this decrease in cost can easily be above 50% of the current costs, which makes integrating this with current infrastructure or developing a new network a very good choice.

However, there are several other SD WAN benefits that are often undervalued and overlooked for a business. To help to highlight these often-missed benefits, let’s take a closer look at the advantages this technology offers over traditional WAN systems.

Simplification of the System

When simplifying complex WANs is a goal, the SD WAN services that combine cloud-based technology as well as software systems, allow for what is known as a virtual overlay. This allows the complex systems to be abstracted to create a more streamlined, simplified system without any loss of features, functions or effectiveness.

Think of the use of SD WAN as a way to bypass the need for data to go through traditional routers by using an SD WAN controller that speeds up the connection between the SD WAN routers.

Easy Monitoring

As all traffic is passing through various connections that are all unified through the SD WAN technology, monitoring the system is extremely easy. The providers will offer a web-based portal that allows the IT team to simply log in a view all traffic through the system as well as performance metrics and any issues with service.

In addition, with this type of monitoring, real-time data can be viewed and compared as an aggregate as well as on a site by site basis. This is ideal for troubleshooting any performance issues that may occur due to incorrect settings or configurations at specific locations in a logical, easy and effective way.

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