Why Do I Need Electronic Health Record Software in a Doctor’s Office

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Information Technology and Services

Two of the most popular software used by healthcare professionals are medical practice management and electronic health records (EHR). The overall goal of these systems is to improve the productivity and efficiency of your facilities. But, they function differently and focus on separate parts of your operation.

What part of the operation does the medical practice management address?

Medical practice management software is designed to deal with the day-to-day operations of a healthcare facility. It takes the different aspects of the clerical work, such as appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and billing task management, and bridges it to some areas of the clinical work, such as procedure codes. Normally, medical practice management software is proprietary to a particular office, practice or clinic.

What is EHR?

EHR software deals with the documentation and storage of patient information. It accomplishes this task electronically. Thus, EHR management software reduces errors and legibility issues related to keeping paper records. The doctor is now able to just concentrate on the patient’s needs.

An EHR encompasses elements such as charts, patient information, test results, and diagnosis coding. The EHR system documents the clinical life cycle of the patient and their treatment. No more fumbling through piles of paper to determine if a particular treatment worked.

Laws like the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health or HITECH Act have incentivized the use of EHR management software systems. Your practice could be given tens of thousands of dollars for implementing an EHR.

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