The Advantages Gained by Using the New AD9371 as Your Solution

If you are looking for a great hardware solution in regard to radio transmitters, then you definitely need to check out the new analog devices ad9371. There are so many benefits to this new product that you will be amazed.

High Level of Integration

The new AD9371 has been widely hailed as being able to replace no less than 20 other components that were previously regarded to be not only high-performing but discrete as well.

Shared Platform

Since the AD9371 is considered to be a common platform, it goes a long way toward reducing the inventory that you are forced to have on hand at any one time, as well as decreasing the time needed for product development.

Higher Installation Potential

The very fact that fewer physical components are needed to perform the same job means that you can install the AD9371 in far more places than previous transceivers. The compact size makes them great for installation on light poles, walls in a business, and many other places.

Instant Calibration

Since the method of calibration is included directly on the physical chip, the transceiver will calibrate itself with no actual involvement from the user necessary. This makes it highly convenient to use while still maintaining precision and performance.

Works No Matter Where You Are

Another benefit of analog devices ad9371 is that they are usable in a wide array of both environmental and operational varieties.

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