Management Software that Will Transform Your Addiction and Behavioral Health Programs

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

AZZLY Rize offers a comprehensive mental health practice management software customized for EHR and RCM systems. The optimized process includes scheduling, check-in, treatment plans, case notes, outcome measurement tools, PDMP, medication and withdrawal management; prescriptions, billing, EPCS, insurance claims, and patient communication tools.

Who They Service

Their customers are for-profit as well as non-profit addiction and behavioral health treatment facilities. AZZLY Rize has customized software for a variety of organizations, including residential facilities, detox inpatient/outpatient programs, abstinence-based treatment, office-based opioid treatment, as well as eating disorder programs.

Measurement Tools

The AZZLY Rize mental health practice management software will conjoin a patient’s diagnosis with all the elements of their care, including lab data, medications, and the prescribed treatment plan. Once this information is in the system, the measurement tools will score the patient’s risk factor and automatically adjust their goals. The treatment plan review becomes a living document that updates with new information, and care is adjusted in real-time.

Learning Services

The AZZLY Rize team act as liaisons with medical staff to incorporate the most appropriate templates into the software system to make it customized to the facilities’ needs. They will also suggest that each department has an appointed person who will learn the system and then train the other staff members within that area. This includes an E-learning component that can be accessed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

AZZLY Rize mental health practice management software can revolutionize how any addiction treatment or behavioral health program manage their customer base.

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