How EMR Helps Addiction Recovery Centers Effectively Treat Patients

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Information Technology and Services

If you run a medical facility, it’s important to know how to organize patient records so that you can easily make changes and provide necessary treatments. Using EMR, or electronic medical records, is a great system for accomplishing this, and addiction and treatment centers can definitely benefit from this system.

Treatments and Forms

In some cases, you’ll need to use a record of patient treatments to determine which medications and therapy methods are needed to restore someone to health. When you look at EMR, you can see which treatments have worked in the past and which were ineffective for the patient.

It’s also necessary to use customized forms that can be added to a patient’s eChart. The chart is a great way for the treatment team to create evaluations and assessments for patients in your addiction treatment facility. The chart also makes it easy for medical professionals to make notes and provide instructions or pointers for fellow professionals to ensure that patients are receiving the proper care. When you use a customized approach to healthcare, you can increase the chances that patients will receive a combination of treatments that can include medication, therapy and counseling that can lead to recovery.

Medical Necessity

The benefits of EMR allow you to accurately note which specific treatments patients need when it comes to medical necessity. If an addiction treatment patient needs a certain type of medication to withdraw from a drug or harmful substance, this can be noted in the eChart. If it is necessary for the patient to have regularly counseling sessions with specific family members or alongside specific depression and anxiety medications, this should be indicated as well to increase the chances of a patient’s success while in the addiction center and after being discharged.

To get more information on the benefits of EMR and to learn how they can help you at your addiction facility, it’s important to get recommendations from other health professionals. You can also research EMR companies to find the organization that best meets your needs.

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