Find Simple Software in Florida to Keep Your Dealership Organized

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Software Development Company

Car dealerships need to be organized when it comes to receiving car-loan money and paying employees. Though this process can take hours if not days to accomplish by hand, modern software has made it possible for this type of paperwork to be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

When you own a car dealership, it’s possible to have anywhere from 10 to 100 cars on the lot. All of these vehicles need to be documented, especially every time mechanical service is done and every time the price goes up/down. A $1,000 mistake can easily become a $100,000 mistake at the end of it all.

The number one thing to look for when getting dealer management software is simplicity. Car dealers are busy shaking hands and showing cars, and many times they are mechanics, too, so they don’t have two to three hours a day to sit behind a computer. The right software program should only require a few moments behind the computer with each purchase or task.

Everlogic has created an amazing dealer management software system. This system allows dealership owners and employees to keep track of parts, cars, appointments, and even payroll. Best of all, all important information is stored in a cloud-based system. This means most areas will be prefilled when doing something like a final sale or starting a lease. This software system also keeps track of how much taxes the overall company owes for the given year. With color-coded tabs, dealers can navigate exactly where they want to go instantly.

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