What to Expect from Data Recovery Professionals

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Data Recovery Service

Everyone has that sinking feeling when realizing their hard drive or server is no longer working. If there is important data contained on that device or component, you may need to seek out a data recovery professional who can get back the documents you are now missing. But, if this is your first time doing so, you may wonder what to expect from the process.

The Basics of Data Recovery

It is extremely common for data loss to happen. In fact, research shows that more than 1/3 of medium and small businesses have experienced some type of data loss. Sometimes this means having to restore operations using backup methods. There are many things that can lead to data loss, including user error, viruses, and even hackers.

This is a frustrating situation and can be expensive, too. Having the system down for an hour can mean losing out on thousands of dollars. Because of that, it’s important to get the data recovered and get things running again as quickly as possible.

How the Process Works

In many cases, the successful recovery of data involves recovering contents from a compromised or damaged drive and then copying those contents to an external, secure device. Sometimes this device might be as minuscule as a flash drive. This gives you access to the data until the system can be repaired.

In emergency situations, a professional recovery expert may upload some data to a website that is password protected. This allows the owner to download it and have immediate access to it. The data will also be provided on a hard drive or another device, as well.

Questions to Prepare For

When you reach out to a data recovery company, they will need to gain information from you to proceed and offer the best chance of full recovery. Some of the questions you may be asked include:

  • What type of device has failed?
  • Which data is most important to recover?
  • When did the device fail? What symptoms were present?\
  • Have you done anything to try to recover the data?
  • How much storage is on the failed device?
  • Which operating systems were used on the failed device?\
  • Is the data time sensitive?

When you need data recovered fast, you can trust the experts  to do a great job quickly. You can find out about our recovery services on our website or by calling us at 866-400-DATA.

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