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by | Apr 20, 2016 | Science and Technology

Electrical Engineering in Cleveland TN involves the study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism and their application to machines and systems. Electrical engineers have many specializations and can work in a wide variety of industries. To understand what a modern electrical engineer does, it is interesting to examine the history of the profession.

Electrical engineering began in the early 17th century when William Gilbert invented a device that could detect electrically charged objects; he called it the moratorium. Electrical engineering began developing more rapidly in the 19th century with such inventions as wireless telegraphy and the use of standardized measurements of electrical current. The famous current wars in the late 1800s between Edison (direct current or DC) and Westinghouse (alternating current or AC) were also significant developments in the history of the field. Other more modern inventions include radio technology, the cathode ray tube which led to the invention of the television, and microwave technology. Perhaps the most significant development of the twentieth century was the invention of solid state transistors, which led to the personal computer.

As the field has developed, an increasing number of sub-specializations have become available for electrical engineers. This include:

     *     Power. A power engineer is interested in generating electricity, transmitting it, and distributing it throughout a system. A power engineer designs transformers and generators, both on and off the grid.

     *     Control. Control engineers work with power control systems, like a vehicle’s cruise control, a system that involves continual monitoring and feedback.

     *     Electronics. Electronics engineering used to be known as “radio engineering,” but now involves any electronic circuitry system that uses resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other similar components.

     *     Microelectronics. Microelectronics engineering involves microscopic components, often semiconductor transistors.

     *     Signal processing. This type of engineering deals with analog or digital signals and is crucial to communications technology.

     *     Telecommunications. This type of engineering is concerned with communication transmission via cables or wireless technology.

     *     Instrumentation. Instrumentation requires knowledge of physics as it deals primarily with the measurement of movement, pressure, and temperature.

If you have a project requiring any form of electrical engineering, but you and your staff lack the expertise to carry it out, you may want to consult with an electrical engineer. Click here to get more information about Electrical Engineering in Cleveland TN.

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