New Jersey Solar Installation Made Easy in Six Simple Steps

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Solar Panels

Solar installations in New Jersey no longer have to become a huge, complicated project filled with calculations a rocket scientist couldn’t understand. So, we broke our entire process from first finding out you would like to look into solar energy as an option to walking you through your new solar installation. This allows you to understand the entire process and know exactly what to expect with your solar installation.

Step #1: We Listen

Before we can start any form of planning out your solar installation, we first need to understand your energy related needs. This is why our first step is to listen. We listen to you describe your energy needs and what you would like to achieve with your solar installation. Once we understand your needs, we evaluate your property using satellite technology then schedule an appointment to follow up with you in person.

Step #2: We Survey

When we follow up for an in person visit, we create a detailed survey of your property to help determine the best solar options for your specific needs. We come up with a list of options with pros and cons for each choice to help guide you through our recommendations but leaving the final decision up to you.

Step #3: We Design

Once we’ve decided on the optimal approach for your solar installation, we begin our design process. We put together a complete analysis report and drawings for your solar installation with information such as expected energy generated and locations for each installation. This gives you the opportunity to provide us with insights into your personal preferences of where the solar installations are located and which areas receive the most amount of sun. We provide you with our entire design process completely free of charge, so you can see if a solar installation would work well for you.

Step #4: We Educate

After completing our full analysis and design of your solar installation, we share our design with you going over each detail. We discuss its features and benefits, and show you how much you’ll save from this solar installation. During this discussion, we’ll also notify you of any temporary inconveniences to expect during or prior to the installation process. This process allows you to have the full picture of what you can expect from your solar installation before spending anything.

Step #5: We Install

The first step of the installation process involves ensuring we receive all necessary approvals ahead of time. This ensures your solar installation follows all local regulations. After receiving all approvals, we begin the installation with an experienced project manager on-site at all times. They oversee the project and are available to answer any questions you may have. We also assign you a personal Renewable Energy Consultant to manage each detail of your project and provide any support you need from beginning to end. On average, a solar installation on a 2,000 square foot home only takes us three days.

Step #6: Walk-Through

Finally, we walk you through the completed solar installation, show you how to operate it, and get you acquainted with your new system. Now you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of solar power.

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