Using Electrolyzers to Lower the Cost of Renewable Energy

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Science and Technology

What are electrolyzers?

These refer to units wherein electrolysis takes place. Electrolysis refers to the process wherein electricity is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. These can come in a range of sizes, from units the size of small appliances that can easily handle distributed hydrogen on a small scale to large-scale, central production facilities that are involved with renewable means of electricity production says the Department of Energy.

How do Electrolyzers work?

Electrolyzers basically work like batteries in reverse. In a battery, you will find chemicals packed into a sealed container right along with two electrical terminals dipping into the containers. By connecting the terminals into a circuit, the chemicals undergo reactions and electricity is generated, flowing through the circuit. When it comes to an electrolyzer, you put a solution in a container and dip two terminals into it. Once you connect the terminals to a battery or a type of power supply and the chemical reactions start. The result? Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are split up and can easily be stored for future use.

What’s green about them?

Many call hydrogen the fuel of the future. And for a good reason. The process by which hydrogen is generated through electricity from renewable sources along with its consumption is both sustainable and compatible with environmentally-conscious measures. Energy is essential for the electrolysis to work. By way of electrolysis, excess energy can be used to obtain hydrogen. It’s a wonderful idea, one that comes with significant cost-savings. Because electrolysis provides us with a way to use the energy without producing any waste, then generating hydrogen with electrolyzers might be the best move companies can make for a pollutant-free future.

What to do?

If your organization is interested in switching to renewable energy systems that you can use for your own business, then looking into the use of electrolyzers can be the first step to making the switch. Overhauling your entire organization to adapt renewable energy practices can ensure bigger cost-savings and ROI in your future. Partner up with companies that can help you make that happen. Invest in quality electrolyzers. That’s a good way to get started.

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