The Importance Of Comparing Cloud Computing Service Providers

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Web Hosting Company

Shopping for cloud service providers is an important step in finding the best match in services for the business requirements. Unfortunately, many businesses simply choose the first listing on a search page and assume that all cloud computing service providers are the same. This assumption can lead to difficulties in migrating to the cloud, issues with workload and performance, and even problems with data management regulations and requirements.

Pricing is going to be a factor for most businesses, but it should only be used once other criteria are compared. The good news is that information on the top cloud computing service providers is readily available on their website, making it easy to assess the quality and services offered between providers.

Specialized Clouds and Services

All cloud computing service providers have public cloud services, and most have some type of private cloud. There are also some providers that offer hybrid and specialized types of cloud environments.

SAP, banking and finance, and even Tally ERP clouds provide optimized configuration, integration, and security for these specific types of applications.

SLA Possibilities

SLA or service-level agreements provide a level of certainty for the customers regarding the service they can expect from the provider. This includes uptime guarantees, quality of service, and the cloud service provider’s responsibilities.

The SLA also provides information on any penalties and recourse available to the customer if the provider fails to meet the terms of the agreement.
Accreditation and Certifications

Providers in any industry that go the extra steps to earn certifications and accreditations from governing bodies in the industry are ideal partners for any business. Look for cloud service providers with multiple accreditations specific to the business or industry, as well as ISO 9001, Microsoft Partner, Tier lll, and PCI DDS certifications. Contcat for more information!

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